Monday, July 29, 2013


 Chad looks like a beast in that picture haha. It looks like he is
  having a great time with football. Thank you for getting the supplies
  off for me. Sorry for cutting it so close again. I get caught up with
  other things sometimes and forget to keep a good inventory of
  everything. Thank goodness I have a super mom who can do anything :)
  So we had a great week. We stayed very busy and had a great baptism on
  Sunday. Nothing very new has happened since last week besides the fact
  that time just continues to fly by. Elder Tuttle and I are having a
  blast working together and accomplishing so many awesome things. we
  continue to have about 6-10 investigators at church between the two
  wards so that is fantastic. It is a struggle to see everyone as often
  as we would like because everyone can only see us in the evening times
  so our schedule gets packed very quickly for the entire week :) Its so
  weird to think how close the end is right now. I know that back home 9
  weeks is still a long time but here it just flies by. I am doing my
  best to stay focused and endure to the end. I have started to
  study the last week of the Saviors life to see from the best possible
  example what it truly means to endure to the end. I know I will finish
  strong but I know the battle is coming to stay focused but I am ready
  for it :)
  I am doing good. I am sending emails to Cameron, Caity, Chad and
  Jordyn requesting emails for the rest of my mission though :) I want
  to do my best to start emailing everyone again. My health is good
  right now and we continue to workout every other day at a members
  place so hopefully I can come home in a half decent shape :) Caity
  cracks me up how she just struggles to enjoy being home but I know how
  that feels. After serving a mission I will never dread going home :) I
  love and miss you and hope you have a great week :)

  Love your son,



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