Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So here is the weekly update. We had our Zone Conference up in Tzaneen and it went great!!! It was one of my favorite Conferences yet on mission. The topics were great and the spirit was just strong, oh and the food was wonderful :) Our area is still suffering a lot when it comes to the number of investigators we have but we are striving very hard to find new people to teach and we have been very blessed in our efforts to find families. We went tracting in a new development for a few hours and every house we knocked on was a complete well off family that was interested in learning more about the restoration of the gospel (for the most part). It was just a huge testimony to me that even though they all won't stay with us, that the Lord is preparing the hearts of His children where ever we go :) This new week is gonna be a busy one as well. We are going on three exchanges and two of them we are going on a long trip because they live so far away. Nielspriut is four hours away from us and is a beautiful drive so I will get some pictures but we will be spending two to three days with the Elders that side. So we are staying busy and always trying to do as much as we can to keep things moving forward :)

Monday, March 18, 2013


 Last week was a very slow week on the account my companion had to get a root canal done and so he was on some pretty heavy pain pills (codeine) . So we basically spent the week at the flat and I had a lot of time to study and clean. The flat was so dirty that I didn't even want to live there when I walked in the door the first day but it is now clean, for the most part, and disinfected :) So with that being said there wasn't to much missionary work done but on Sunday we got a lot of work done. I went on an area tour and my new area is huge! Oh, and my new companion is Elder Holman and we get along great! He is a great Elder and goes home in two months so things are good in that department besides with so much time at the flat we have great companionship unity now haha. We are having our Zone conference this week so that will be fun. Its being held up in Tzaneen which is one of the most beautiful places I have been to in South Africa so far (I will get pictures). The area itself is not doing so great. We have maybe two investigators and nothing going on. The members are great but they have been a branch since 1980 so they have been hounded by missionaries for a long time for referrals but we will continue to hound them, the squeaky wheel gets the grease:)

 I found a couple of books that no one claimed when I came to this flat that I have claimed for myself (I think I will bring more books than clothes home) that have really added to my knowledge of the Gospel. One of them is the Lectures of Faith, and the other is a book written by Cleon Skousen entitled "The First 2000 Years" which is all about the creation, plan of Salvation, and the Patriarchal lineages. It is an amazing book and even though it doesn't claim to be pure doctrine of the church it really makes me view and read the scriptures differently inspiring new ideas and thoughts :) I have just obtained such a thirst for knowledge since coming on a mission and there is so much to learn and even more to apply in that learning process. Things are going great though and this week looks very promising. We have an appointment with a new family (that we found last week) Monday (today) that I hope goes good, families are the best to teach.
Being a Zone leader is stressful, having to worry about my area and all the other missionaries is very difficult. I just feel overwhelmed at times but I am praying more fervently than ever for divine help is always nice. Things in the flat are going ok. I am in a four man flat and am so tired of an Elder in the flat (I won't use names) but he is just the most prideful person I have ever met and does not listen to anyone and its driving me insane but I think its because I prayed for patience about three months ago haha be careful what you pray for :) Well I am doing good and my numbers have been good. Love you and have a great week :)



Monday, March 11, 2013


I am now back in Polokwane which is a city (kind of) in the province of Limpopo. I am in the flat where I started my mission :) The zone I am in charge of now is HUGE! The closest area is 30 minutes away and the furthest area is four hours away so we do a lot of traveling. Things are good though :) I am glad Sister Hatch called you and the ribs were so good!!! That was the first time I had ribs on my mission. I hope you got the pictures I sent. The elephants were awesome!!! And that is the wettest kiss I have ever had haha. I am glad to hear things are going good at home still.   My zone is huge, my new companion is Elder Holman and he is awesome. Things are looking good for missionary work in the new area I am in and I am excited for what the future holds. I have fifteen minutes left and you are the first person I have emailed (as it should be) But it takes forever to load pictures. I love you and hope you have a great week :)

 I am serving really far north right now, its the farthest zone from the mission office so its nice to be trusted enough to be sent up here. I hope everyone is getting along back home. Know that I love and miss you all very much but I am loving where I am at and learning so many great and marvelous things.  Love you and I am out of time. Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. I am happy and healthy Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So here is the update. I am being transferred today. I have been
called to be a zone leader and am hoping to be sent up to Botswana
before it becomes its own mission in July. Things were very good this
week, it is always hard to say good bye to people but that is the life
of a missionary. I had the craziest P-day of my life yesterday and
when I say crazy I mean crazy fun :) I went on an exchange with Elder
Bais, who is going home today, for his last P-day. We went to a
different province and I will send pictures next week because of time
and went to three different animal reserves :) The first was a monkey
park were we got to see all kinds of monkey's and lemurs (King Julian
from Madagascar). Next we went to an Elephant Sanctuary where we got
to feed, pet, and get kissed by them (the kiss was nasty but now I can
say I have been kissed by an Elephant haha Then we finished the day at
the lion park where we got to play with the lion cubs again. All in
all it was a great day :) Then I went to a family home evening and
packed until one in the morning. I am gonna miss Johannesburg for a
lot of different reasons but I must say I am happy to be getting out
of the city. I am excited for my new assignment and next week I will
let you know where its at :) Time seems to be flying by so fast and
there is little time remaining. I pray that these last months I may be
able to learn and grow even more as I go about the Lords work :)
I know you don't want me to worry about you but I do and I promise we
will all take care of you when we get older (not put you into hope
village even though it has two hair salons). I hope you have a great
week mom and yes I got my package, thank you for the goodies and ties.
I am nervous about my new assignment but I am really excited to see where I am
going. The mission just got brand new cars and the Zone leaders get
them so I will get a brand new car today. I love and miss you a lot, more than usual
lately. I got to go now and pack everything in the car. Have a great
day mom :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!