Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So here is the update. I am being transferred today. I have been
called to be a zone leader and am hoping to be sent up to Botswana
before it becomes its own mission in July. Things were very good this
week, it is always hard to say good bye to people but that is the life
of a missionary. I had the craziest P-day of my life yesterday and
when I say crazy I mean crazy fun :) I went on an exchange with Elder
Bais, who is going home today, for his last P-day. We went to a
different province and I will send pictures next week because of time
and went to three different animal reserves :) The first was a monkey
park were we got to see all kinds of monkey's and lemurs (King Julian
from Madagascar). Next we went to an Elephant Sanctuary where we got
to feed, pet, and get kissed by them (the kiss was nasty but now I can
say I have been kissed by an Elephant haha Then we finished the day at
the lion park where we got to play with the lion cubs again. All in
all it was a great day :) Then I went to a family home evening and
packed until one in the morning. I am gonna miss Johannesburg for a
lot of different reasons but I must say I am happy to be getting out
of the city. I am excited for my new assignment and next week I will
let you know where its at :) Time seems to be flying by so fast and
there is little time remaining. I pray that these last months I may be
able to learn and grow even more as I go about the Lords work :)
I know you don't want me to worry about you but I do and I promise we
will all take care of you when we get older (not put you into hope
village even though it has two hair salons). I hope you have a great
week mom and yes I got my package, thank you for the goodies and ties.
I am nervous about my new assignment but I am really excited to see where I am
going. The mission just got brand new cars and the Zone leaders get
them so I will get a brand new car today. I love and miss you a lot, more than usual
lately. I got to go now and pack everything in the car. Have a great
day mom :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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