Monday, February 25, 2013


I am happy to hear that things are going good for everyone at home
though. I am glad Caity, Chad, Jordyn, and Cameron
are doing good and are happy :) How are you doing? I know that you
don't really ever tell me anything about you beyond work and how
things are with the other kids. 
Things were good this week, in fact it has been the best week of the
transfer. We taught 23 lessons and most of our investigators are doing
great. So story time. After emailing last Monday Elder Bais (Elder in
my district) and I  went to a walk in game reserve in his area that
has Zebras, spring boks, impala, and many other non-carnivorous
animals. So we hiked up this huge hill and when we got to the top we
found ourselves in the middle of a herd of wilder beast  and they had
little babies with them. So to our great misfortune we scared the
little ones and they ran and their mothers went with them and the big
bull came running at us. He stopped about 50 yards away pounding his
feat in the ground, kicking up dust and pacing in circles moving a
little closer every time. We turned to run but he started running at
us again so we stopped and just stared at it, then we started backing
away slowly, walking backwards it was so freaky yet amazing at the
same time. We are going back there today with more elders but it was
great :)
I hope you have a great week and please let me know if there is
anything I can do to help. I love you and
please send my love to everyone else.



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