Monday, June 24, 2013

It was a blast to go back to Nelspruit and Kanyemazane

Thank you for the birthday wishes :) Its funny because I like telling
people how my mom considered taking back to the hospital during the
first nine months haha. We had another great week here :) It was a
blast to go back to Nelspruit and Kanyemazane. We held our Zone
meeting there and our mission president showed up so that was a blast.
The Senior couples there fed us everyday and made me a birthday cake
which had to have been the best cake I have had in two years! The
Baxter's and the Hunt's have to be the best senior couples in the
mission right now. While I was on exchanges with Elder Parrish in
Kanyemazane we tracted up a small mountain. We were looking for some
where to tract and we saw all these little shacks going up this little
mountain and we thought for fun we would tract them all. When we got
to the top we found someone living up there and he was more than happy
to invite us back. The next day they went back it turned out the guy
was a traditional healer and had two wives so it didn't work out.
Polygamy is something that a few of the African tribes practice so we
have to be careful who we teach sometimes.
My birthday was awesome. We had our branch conference and one of the
members got me a present :) (a chocolate bar). There are so many great
members here and they all have such strong testimonies. We also got
fed Sunday lunch which was great and then went tracting the rest of
the day. We are emailing early today because we are having our Zone
activity and we are going to go see the only hippo in the world that
you can actually touch! Its a place about three hours away from here
so we are all car pooling to get there. So I will have some good
pictures next week.
I am so happy you got to go to Judy's Ironman race. I know that meant
so much to her. I got an email from her this week so I am excited to
email her back. I am excited to see what you senta package but I probably
wont get it for at least another couple of weeks because I am so far from our office. 
Thank you so much for everything you do for me mom. I really don't know where I would
 be without your guidance and love. I am doing great. Had a little to much junk food for
 my birthday but still great haha. My health is better than its been for a long time and
continues to improve. Know that I love and miss you and hope that you
have a great week :)



Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey Mom,

 So let me fill you in with whats been happening on my side of the
world. We are working harder than we ever have in our missions. Elder
Leftwich and I are both approaching the end of our missions and we
both decided that we are going out fighting. We have stopped using our
car because we feel that if we can get more people to see us,
especially the members, they will stop us and see what we are doing
and it is working great! We walk no less than six miles every day but
its a small price to pay and besides we have been sleeping very good
at night because of it :) We also have taught in an Anglican church
and were invited to start helping with the youth groups at the local
Methodist church. We gave them both the For Strength of Youth
pamphlets and have gained the trust of the leaders of those churches.
It was fun because we went to one of their youth firesides (I guess
you could call it that) and they had a great discussion on being
leaders as youth. They also fed us dinner which was a big bonus :)
Speaking of food, I finally ate a mopani worm! They are big dried
caterpillar things that are nasty but I can say I have eaten them now.
We had interviews with our mission president last week as well and
they went great. President Omer is the best! Well was my week. Lots of
tracting and lots of teaching. We taught 15 lessons this week which
was awesome and we had one of the families we are teaching come to
church! They will hopefully be baptized in July.
Well I am jealous that you will get to go down to California this
summer because it is starting to get really cold up here and I know I
am just going to freeze when I get back Rexburg. So I forwarded the email that
BYUI admissions sent me about still being able to defer for my
mission. Do you have a copy of my mission call? If you could please
help me with that that would be the greatest blessing and relief ever!
I have been really stressing over it this last week but I know that
this is the answer to my prayers.
I hope you have great week and that it is just as fun and busy as the
last :) I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, June 10, 2013


So this week was a great week. It started out very slow but things started to boom right at the end. We found three families to start teaching and all three of them have great potential and were very interested in the Book of Mormon which is always a good sign. We are starting a lot of member work as well and are getting families to start supporting us more in the work and not to just feed us which is nice. Things are looking up in Polokwane and we continue to work as hard as we can to build the area and branch. It has been a great week with a lot of spiritual growth for me. My eyes continue to be opened to knew things and possibilities. Learning by the spirit really is the only way to learn eternal truths and to find true lasting peace in all that we do. I really owe everything that I have become to the Gospel and I really don't know where I would be with out it. 
I am doing good and eating healthy :) My numbers are doing great and my diabetes is in good shape :) I am taking the least amount of insulin I have ever taken and my body is using it perfectly (for the most part) I am healthy and striving to be healthier :) I love you momma and hope things go great for you this week. I am as happy as I have ever been and focused on finishing strong.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Its your Birthday month too! Can you believe you are turning 35! I
never thought you would get to be that old but here we are haha.
Things are good this side and my new comp is great! Elder Leftwich is
from Colorado Springs and is one of the best missionaries in the
mission. He goes home six weeks before I do and so the work is going
to BOOM here :)
I don't really know what I want for my birthday. I would say save the
money from sending a package and I would love to have a gym membership for the three months that I am home but anything would be great :)

I am eating good and doing good. My numbers are where they should be and I am still striving to be more healthy. We are going down to the
office today and staying at the mission home so that should be fun.
The whole zone will be there so it should be a blast :)
I don't have to much to report on today but just know things are going
better than they have been the past three months. Things are looking
up for Polokwane :)
I love you so much and pray for you daily! Sorry its so short but I
promise more next week. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Well I am getting my new companion tomorrow and I am really excited for that. I have been requesting a younger, hard working elder to come help me here in Polokwane to get things going to where they need to be so I am excited to see who I get :) We are going down to the office today and staying at the mission home for Elder Holmans final interview tonight so that should be fun. We had a good week or at least better than the last few. We taught seven lessons and had the father of a family we are teaching come to church on Sunday so that was great! We have some great things planned for the next transfer and will be having our mission tour where one of the seventy are coming to instruct us. I have learned a lot over the few months about faith and the power it has in the work we do. Its one of those terms we throw around a lot but one that I feel we don't fully understand nor comprehend all the time. I feel like I am only now beginning to understand the true power it can produce if used righteously. I look forward to this new week and the promise it holds :)