Monday, July 29, 2013


 Chad looks like a beast in that picture haha. It looks like he is
  having a great time with football. Thank you for getting the supplies
  off for me. Sorry for cutting it so close again. I get caught up with
  other things sometimes and forget to keep a good inventory of
  everything. Thank goodness I have a super mom who can do anything :)
  So we had a great week. We stayed very busy and had a great baptism on
  Sunday. Nothing very new has happened since last week besides the fact
  that time just continues to fly by. Elder Tuttle and I are having a
  blast working together and accomplishing so many awesome things. we
  continue to have about 6-10 investigators at church between the two
  wards so that is fantastic. It is a struggle to see everyone as often
  as we would like because everyone can only see us in the evening times
  so our schedule gets packed very quickly for the entire week :) Its so
  weird to think how close the end is right now. I know that back home 9
  weeks is still a long time but here it just flies by. I am doing my
  best to stay focused and endure to the end. I have started to
  study the last week of the Saviors life to see from the best possible
  example what it truly means to endure to the end. I know I will finish
  strong but I know the battle is coming to stay focused but I am ready
  for it :)
  I am doing good. I am sending emails to Cameron, Caity, Chad and
  Jordyn requesting emails for the rest of my mission though :) I want
  to do my best to start emailing everyone again. My health is good
  right now and we continue to workout every other day at a members
  place so hopefully I can come home in a half decent shape :) Caity
  cracks me up how she just struggles to enjoy being home but I know how
  that feels. After serving a mission I will never dread going home :) I
  love and miss you and hope you have a great week :)

  Love your son,



Tuesday, July 23, 2013


-- We had a great week! Things went perfectly and everything just seems
to keep falling into place. We had 10 people at church this week
between the two wards; 2 in one ward and 8 in the other. The work just
keeps progressing and the time just seems to keep flying by. I am
continually amazed at how personally the Lord works with each one of
us. The way He orchestrates our lives and just allows us to put the
pieces together amazes me. When we put our trust in Him and his
servants and follow his counsels everything will work out like he
needs it too.
I love the tie and music that you sent. I am doing great and the
members here know what diabetes is so they help and remind me of a lot
of things haha. I love and miss you very much and hope you have a
great week!


I am happy to hear that work is going so good for you right now :) It sounds like you are going to have a busy week ahead of you but busy weeks are nice :) So I am now covering the areas of Weltevreden Park and Florida so that means six hours of church on Sunday! Florida is an awesome ward and there is a lot of work to be done so we stay busy over there. As for Weltevreden Park, it is in the top two hardest areas within our mission so there is a lot to do to keep it going. It does have the coolest ward by far though. Our Bishop in that ward is awesome, we play rugby every Saturday morning and we have a member, Brother Maritzs, who lets come over his place every other morning at six to use his gym so I am enjoying lifting again :) We are working with a lot of wonderful people but my favorite has to be a young family we are seeing. Their names are Latson and Trizza and they are doing great! They came to church yesterday and brought their little two year old son with them. Latson should be getting baptized on the 28th of this month and Trizza should be getting baptized early next month. She just needs to come to church a little longer. My new companion is Elder Tuttle from South Jordan, Utah. He is a blast and we get along great! He is from my MTC group so we both have two transfers left and are pumped we get to work with each other :) Other than that life is great and the work continues to press forward.

 I am very happy to hear that they are starting to push missionary work more and more with the members. It really is a combined effort and I look forward to doing more missionary work when I get home :) I got a package with a tie and awesome cd and oil container but I don't know who it was from. MOM you are the BEST!!!!!!!! When it comes to being a mother and a real estate agent you take the cake :) I hope you know that I love you and am so very proud to be your son. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


 I am surpriseds they are already getting my travel stuff put together. I
 guess I do only have twelve weeks left and that means only two more
 transfers. Its crazy to think about that. Things were good for us on
 this side of the world this last week. Went to conduct a baptismal
 interview for a white guy (doesn't happen very much) and it went
 great. We also are finally starting to establish a good teaching pool
 with investigators that are committed and that is really exciting us
 but with that being said I am leaving tomorrow for a new area. I have
 three possible places to go; it will either be Weltevreden Park,
 Krugarsdorp, or Fourways/North Riding. They are all very white and
 rich places so I will have to apply every aspect of the work if we
 hope to be successful so that should be a blast for my last three
 months. Other than that not to much is going on. Some of our members
 are taking us hiking today in an area where there are still wild
 leopards so we are pumped for that :) But that's really it on my side.
 I am excited to come home but at the same time I am still wanting to
 get more work done here. I have really refocused myself over this last
week and am ready take the challenge a new area always brings :) I
 hope that you have a great week and know that I love and miss you
 momma. I am healthy and doing great. 




Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am happy to hear that you had such a good birthday :) It sounds like
 everything went good for you and that you had a quiet but nice
 birthday celebration :) I was every happy to hear that you got to go
 see and cheer on Judy at her Ironman race. That had to be fun.
 Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you. I

 We had a good week here. Lots of tracting. We have tracted at least
 three hours everyday this last week and have been trying to find as
 many people as possible to teach. Its been hard because the people
 here are not very committed and struggle to keep their appointments
 but such is missionary work. We are trying very hard to increase our
member work and are seeing a lot of the families and individuals in
 the branch right now to get them excited for missionary work. So that
 should be picking up in the next couple of weeks :) This will probably
 be my last week in this area and then next week I will be transferred
 to my final area. It is crazy to think I only have 13 weeks left. In
 missionary time that is every little time and so I am going to use it
 to the best of my ability :) The Hippo was awesome!!!!!! I have now
 achieved my dream of touching a hippo in Africa :)
I will be sending pictures but I am going to mail them in a disc so
 that I can send all the pictures I have and you can just go through
 them. I hope that is okay. The drive to Rexburg shouldn't be to bad in
 July (I cant believe it is July). That should be fun to go to a
 graduation and then get Caity. She isn't going to have to much down
 time before school starts again.
 Well I love you mom and hope you have a great week. Dad sent me some
B-day money so I am going to buy some souvenirs today :) Know that I
 love and miss you.



 P.S. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!