Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am happy to hear that you had such a good birthday :) It sounds like
 everything went good for you and that you had a quiet but nice
 birthday celebration :) I was every happy to hear that you got to go
 see and cheer on Judy at her Ironman race. That had to be fun.
 Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you. I

 We had a good week here. Lots of tracting. We have tracted at least
 three hours everyday this last week and have been trying to find as
 many people as possible to teach. Its been hard because the people
 here are not very committed and struggle to keep their appointments
 but such is missionary work. We are trying very hard to increase our
member work and are seeing a lot of the families and individuals in
 the branch right now to get them excited for missionary work. So that
 should be picking up in the next couple of weeks :) This will probably
 be my last week in this area and then next week I will be transferred
 to my final area. It is crazy to think I only have 13 weeks left. In
 missionary time that is every little time and so I am going to use it
 to the best of my ability :) The Hippo was awesome!!!!!! I have now
 achieved my dream of touching a hippo in Africa :)
I will be sending pictures but I am going to mail them in a disc so
 that I can send all the pictures I have and you can just go through
 them. I hope that is okay. The drive to Rexburg shouldn't be to bad in
 July (I cant believe it is July). That should be fun to go to a
 graduation and then get Caity. She isn't going to have to much down
 time before school starts again.
 Well I love you mom and hope you have a great week. Dad sent me some
B-day money so I am going to buy some souvenirs today :) Know that I
 love and miss you.



 P.S. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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