Monday, July 8, 2013


 I am surpriseds they are already getting my travel stuff put together. I
 guess I do only have twelve weeks left and that means only two more
 transfers. Its crazy to think about that. Things were good for us on
 this side of the world this last week. Went to conduct a baptismal
 interview for a white guy (doesn't happen very much) and it went
 great. We also are finally starting to establish a good teaching pool
 with investigators that are committed and that is really exciting us
 but with that being said I am leaving tomorrow for a new area. I have
 three possible places to go; it will either be Weltevreden Park,
 Krugarsdorp, or Fourways/North Riding. They are all very white and
 rich places so I will have to apply every aspect of the work if we
 hope to be successful so that should be a blast for my last three
 months. Other than that not to much is going on. Some of our members
 are taking us hiking today in an area where there are still wild
 leopards so we are pumped for that :) But that's really it on my side.
 I am excited to come home but at the same time I am still wanting to
 get more work done here. I have really refocused myself over this last
week and am ready take the challenge a new area always brings :) I
 hope that you have a great week and know that I love and miss you
 momma. I am healthy and doing great. 




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