Monday, June 3, 2013


 Well I am getting my new companion tomorrow and I am really excited for that. I have been requesting a younger, hard working elder to come help me here in Polokwane to get things going to where they need to be so I am excited to see who I get :) We are going down to the office today and staying at the mission home for Elder Holmans final interview tonight so that should be fun. We had a good week or at least better than the last few. We taught seven lessons and had the father of a family we are teaching come to church on Sunday so that was great! We have some great things planned for the next transfer and will be having our mission tour where one of the seventy are coming to instruct us. I have learned a lot over the few months about faith and the power it has in the work we do. Its one of those terms we throw around a lot but one that I feel we don't fully understand nor comprehend all the time. I feel like I am only now beginning to understand the true power it can produce if used righteously. I look forward to this new week and the promise it holds :)

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