Monday, April 29, 2013


Dear Mother Dearest,

I am happy to hear that everyone is doing so well!. Thank you so much for
getting the supplies ordered and if you could pack a multivitamin in
with it all that would be great! They are very expensive this side but
if you can't I understand. Things are good this side. We are at our
mission office emailing today. I had to sweet talk the Assistants to
the President to let us do it but I persevered :)

We are still struggling to get our area going and at times I get
really down on myself but I snap out of it and just get back to work.
Day by day, one by one are the children of God served and that's what
we just need to keep doing. Things are great though. I am oddly just
happy most of the time for no apparent reason, its kinda weird but I
know it is because the Lord is sustaining us in our work.

I love being a missionary. It has truly changed my life and has shown
me who I really am deep inside. We all lived before we came into this
existence and we all had are own personalities and even with the veil
covering us it is that personality that breaks through and shows us
who we really are :) I love you mom and hope you have a great week.
I love you so much and miss all of you.



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