Monday, April 1, 2013


 Thanks for the pictures. I am sure Cameron and Brandi are both super
excited for this month :) And as of today I have six months left,
where is the time going? We had a good Easter this side. We had lunch
at a members, went and taught a couple of lessons, and then had dinner
at another members so nothing too exciting but it was nice. No ham and
cheese potato's I'm afraid haha. A man we recently baptized, Thabang,
 is the assistant ward mission leader in his ward and preparing to go on
 a mission so that makes me excited :)

Things are still moving along this side. I will be on exchanges for a
few days this week in Tzaneen and Lenyenye so that should be fun but I
miss being able to just stay in my area. My health is doing good and I
am having no problems so that is nice :) I think I am going to take a
break from my intensive studies of the creation and resurrection. I
have spent the last two weeks really trying to understand those two
things but now I am going to turn my attention to developing greater
Faith and Spiritual gifts so should be fun :)  I have come
to realize that I just need to read, study, memorize, and understand
my scriptures more. If I am able to do that then maybe and hopefully I
can receive my own revelation and be enlightened by the spirit a
little more than usual, or at least I can hope :)

Well nothing too exciting going on right now but things are moving
along slowly but surely. Our mission is struggling to reach its goals
but we just need to have a little more faith and work that much

I hope that you all have a great week and know that I miss you all so
much. I always get a little home sick around the holiday seasons but I
would have it no other way. Home is still where the heart is :) Love
you mom, have a great week!

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