Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So here is the weekly update. We had our Zone Conference up in Tzaneen and it went great!!! It was one of my favorite Conferences yet on mission. The topics were great and the spirit was just strong, oh and the food was wonderful :) Our area is still suffering a lot when it comes to the number of investigators we have but we are striving very hard to find new people to teach and we have been very blessed in our efforts to find families. We went tracting in a new development for a few hours and every house we knocked on was a complete well off family that was interested in learning more about the restoration of the gospel (for the most part). It was just a huge testimony to me that even though they all won't stay with us, that the Lord is preparing the hearts of His children where ever we go :) This new week is gonna be a busy one as well. We are going on three exchanges and two of them we are going on a long trip because they live so far away. Nielspriut is four hours away from us and is a beautiful drive so I will get some pictures but we will be spending two to three days with the Elders that side. So we are staying busy and always trying to do as much as we can to keep things moving forward :)

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