Monday, March 18, 2013


 Last week was a very slow week on the account my companion had to get a root canal done and so he was on some pretty heavy pain pills (codeine) . So we basically spent the week at the flat and I had a lot of time to study and clean. The flat was so dirty that I didn't even want to live there when I walked in the door the first day but it is now clean, for the most part, and disinfected :) So with that being said there wasn't to much missionary work done but on Sunday we got a lot of work done. I went on an area tour and my new area is huge! Oh, and my new companion is Elder Holman and we get along great! He is a great Elder and goes home in two months so things are good in that department besides with so much time at the flat we have great companionship unity now haha. We are having our Zone conference this week so that will be fun. Its being held up in Tzaneen which is one of the most beautiful places I have been to in South Africa so far (I will get pictures). The area itself is not doing so great. We have maybe two investigators and nothing going on. The members are great but they have been a branch since 1980 so they have been hounded by missionaries for a long time for referrals but we will continue to hound them, the squeaky wheel gets the grease:)

 I found a couple of books that no one claimed when I came to this flat that I have claimed for myself (I think I will bring more books than clothes home) that have really added to my knowledge of the Gospel. One of them is the Lectures of Faith, and the other is a book written by Cleon Skousen entitled "The First 2000 Years" which is all about the creation, plan of Salvation, and the Patriarchal lineages. It is an amazing book and even though it doesn't claim to be pure doctrine of the church it really makes me view and read the scriptures differently inspiring new ideas and thoughts :) I have just obtained such a thirst for knowledge since coming on a mission and there is so much to learn and even more to apply in that learning process. Things are going great though and this week looks very promising. We have an appointment with a new family (that we found last week) Monday (today) that I hope goes good, families are the best to teach.
Being a Zone leader is stressful, having to worry about my area and all the other missionaries is very difficult. I just feel overwhelmed at times but I am praying more fervently than ever for divine help is always nice. Things in the flat are going ok. I am in a four man flat and am so tired of an Elder in the flat (I won't use names) but he is just the most prideful person I have ever met and does not listen to anyone and its driving me insane but I think its because I prayed for patience about three months ago haha be careful what you pray for :) Well I am doing good and my numbers have been good. Love you and have a great week :)



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