Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey Mom,

 So let me fill you in with whats been happening on my side of the
world. We are working harder than we ever have in our missions. Elder
Leftwich and I are both approaching the end of our missions and we
both decided that we are going out fighting. We have stopped using our
car because we feel that if we can get more people to see us,
especially the members, they will stop us and see what we are doing
and it is working great! We walk no less than six miles every day but
its a small price to pay and besides we have been sleeping very good
at night because of it :) We also have taught in an Anglican church
and were invited to start helping with the youth groups at the local
Methodist church. We gave them both the For Strength of Youth
pamphlets and have gained the trust of the leaders of those churches.
It was fun because we went to one of their youth firesides (I guess
you could call it that) and they had a great discussion on being
leaders as youth. They also fed us dinner which was a big bonus :)
Speaking of food, I finally ate a mopani worm! They are big dried
caterpillar things that are nasty but I can say I have eaten them now.
We had interviews with our mission president last week as well and
they went great. President Omer is the best! Well was my week. Lots of
tracting and lots of teaching. We taught 15 lessons this week which
was awesome and we had one of the families we are teaching come to
church! They will hopefully be baptized in July.
Well I am jealous that you will get to go down to California this
summer because it is starting to get really cold up here and I know I
am just going to freeze when I get back Rexburg. So I forwarded the email that
BYUI admissions sent me about still being able to defer for my
mission. Do you have a copy of my mission call? If you could please
help me with that that would be the greatest blessing and relief ever!
I have been really stressing over it this last week but I know that
this is the answer to my prayers.
I hope you have great week and that it is just as fun and busy as the
last :) I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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