Monday, February 11, 2013


  Thing were very good this week. There isn't to
much to report on other than it was a great week but I will report on
the small and simple things :) Nigeria won the African Cup of nations
which was being held here in S.A. and the Nigerians went crazy dancing
in the the streets so that was funny. Got lost in downtown
Johannesburg and thought I was gonna die but all turned out ok. Almost
lost Elder Zulu and freaked out but we found each other very quickly.
The whole staying together rule is hard in Downtown Johannesburg, its crazy
there!!!!!! Sunday was stressful because our gospel principles class
turned into a battle field as the teacher and our investigators had a
bible bashing session needless to say I was upset with the teacher
and our ward mission leader for not being able to control the
situation while we were gone handling some paper work. What else, Oh
yeah I am still focusing on getting into shape, I am at the weight I
want to be at right now but now its time to just get rid of the rest
the fat and get my six pack haha Don't worry I wont get too skinny ;)
I am happy to hear everyone is doing good at home. Weather plays a
huge role is how we feel! South Africa is very nice when it comes to
weather and reminds me a lot of California so I am happy most of the
time :)  :) I hope you all know how much I love and
miss you and pray that you are all happy and doing great :) If you
could order supplies that would be great it is that time again. Have a
great week my sweet mother and know I love you to the moon and back

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