Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 So this is gonna be short because I am short on time and because of
how long it takes to down load pictures :) but everything is going
good here and we are having a blast. We just came back from the Area
office by the temple because there is a person there who was given to
us as a referral. Our booth didn't work as well as well as we had
hoped but that's alright we were blessed with two referrals because of
our efforts haha. We had the opportunity to meet Elder Holland this
week. He came to do an area review for the South East Area of Africa
and he came and spoke to us. We each got to shake his hand and then
when he got up to speak he told us that in our hand shake he
interviewed us and told us that there were one or two of us that
needed to repent out of the 120 that were there (Powerful and
scary)haha. Things are going good though, I interviewed a man in my
district this week and he was very powerful and ready for baptism and
he was very focused on getting to the temple with his wife who is
already a member. There is nothing better than bringing families
together forever :)
My health is doing good and there isn't anything I really need, music
is always fun to get, the Mormon Tab choir has become a favorite but
that's about it anything you think a missionary needs put it in :). It
sounds like you will have an eventful holiday season.) Thanks for
the pictures as well its good to see everyone :) I will make an
appointment with the doctor probably next month and get my blood work
done again and see where I am at and Health wise I am doing great :) I
am also very happy and doing great and having a lot of fun and still
learning a lot. I have made it my goal to read the book of proverbs
this week and I am already half way done haha. I hope all is well with
you at home and that you guys are happy. I always pray for you guys
morning and night:) Have a great week and enjoy every minute of it
for life is a journey not a race ;)

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