Thursday, October 25, 2012


Things are going good here. We are just having to work very hard to find new investigators and its hard because we are not allowed to tract and contacting is rough because most everyone we talk to does not live in the city but the missionaries around our area love us for all the referrals haha. We have now devised a new plan to find new investigators though that will be both effective and easy :) We are setting up a booth in a park with a big poster that our mission has about the Book of Mormon and the Bible showing a picture of both. So we figure if we can find people who are interested ion the Book of Mormon then they will probably be interested in the Restoration :) Anyway my comp and I are giving up our P-day today to go set it up in a park and let the people come to us (I will take pictures there).
The Lord continues to show me my weaknesses, I never thought I could have so many haha that's pride for ya. But in my study today the familiar scripture came to me in Ether 12:27,37 and that brought some light of what I need to do. Weaknesses are given to us to humble us and cause us to depend upon the Lord and his merits and mercy and that is something I have been failing to do lately. I got too comfortable and thought I was doing everything that I should be doing but I realized after a powerful talk given by Elder Cook of the Seventy on Sunday that I was not following the spirit even though I thought I was but I happy to now say I am in the process of becoming fully dependent upon the Savior and his power. Life is good though and I am loving what I am learning and loving discovering what I need to learn more of. Elder Rakoto is great and a lot of fun. We work very good together and he is a great support to me when I get stuck in a rut. He knows the New Testament like nobodies business but he will always deny it so we made a deal that each comp study we would come up with a topic or principle and then we would have to give each other two scriptures that we know I give him from the Book of Mormon and he gives me from the Bible. We are becoming master Scriptorium haha (or so we think). Always smile :) I love you to the moon and back.

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