Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It has been a crazy week in South Africa!

It has been a crazy week in South Africa! First things first. At the beginning of the week we were riding our bikes and we thought we found a new short cut to a part of our area but my companion and the group missionary we were with didn't want to test it. It was a steep hill and a narrow path and there were giant thorn bushes all over the place. So I being the brave one said I would go first. I took my backpack off and flew down the hill. It was going ok until right at the bottom of the hill I saw a one foot drop. I had no time to brake or react so all I did was said a word I probably shouldn't have said (Aunt Judy's favorite swear word) and then wrecked my bike as I was thrown into and did a double somersault into a thorn bush and tree! It was really exciting and didn't hurt all that bad at least not until we went to a members house and he was using a needle and tweezers to pull the thorns from my back. Haha something I will never forget. I also rolled my ankle and had to call president to let him know I needed to take a day to rest it. I told him the story of what happened and he just laughed and told me to be more careful in my trail blazing. It was a very slow week over all though. The other exciting part was at the end of the week when the zone leaders got a call Sunday morning that one of the missionaries in our zone had left early in the morning while his companion was sleeping and stole the bucky (truck). We had to figure out what had happened. About an hour later we got a call from the APs that he was now at the mission home in Johannesburg(four hours away) and that he was demanding to be sent home. So now later today we might have to go to JoBurg and get the Bucky (not looking forward to that drive). But all in all it was a fun exciting week. 
I hope things at home are going well at home and that everyone is getting ready for school to start again.  XOXOXOOOOO
Love your Son,
Elder Caleb Coon

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