Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Being Transfered

Things are going great here now. My companion and I are both being
transferred tomorrow but we don't know where we are going. I am being
put into a car area close to Johannesburg from what I've heard though. I've
loved serving in Seshego and will miss the people and the members
dearly but that's the way mission goes.
Here is President Omers email address I miss
everyone at home and am glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I'm
still waiting to hear where Caity is going next year but all in good
time. Sounds like Cameron doesn't want to talk about home yet but he's
probably just nervous. One of my flat mates is leaving for home
tomorrow and he is going out of his mind but its all fun. I hope
everything is going good and the rain isn't getting you down. It is so
hot here that I'll trade sun for rain anytime right now haha. I love
and miss you mom more patient and that would help. I'll let
you know where and pray that you won't worry to much. Your right
though, I can be a little more patient I'm going as soon as possible.

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