Monday, April 30, 2012

Progression is Hard but Worth It

-- I'm glad to hear things are going good for the most part back home.
Things have been good here. Elder Brey and I are getting along good but there is always
room for improvement. Its been kinda rough though these past few days
just because of the lack of work. We are trying really hard to get the
work moving along but its been hard for one reason or another. Also on
packages from now on only put missionary supplies on it and $20 as its
worth. Please tell everyone at home that who sends packages here.  Also
on the packages put Sentimental value as the price of the contents.   Time
flies by out here and I feel sometimes it goes too fast.
 There is so much to do and so many people we need to help that I feel to
rushed to do anything sometimes.
It sounds like Cameron is doing well though. He is writing
weekly now and that's nice. I love you mom and I hope you know that I
am happy and having a good time its just the Lord is teaching me a few
things and it is when we pass through trials and hard times that we
learn the most. I have decided and come to understand that the more we
endure and the more trials that befall us means the more our Father in
Heaven knows we can handle and wants us to learn that much more.
Progression is hard but it is worth it. Never has there been so much
promise and potential for greatness than the time we live in now. I
know the Gospel is true it burns within me and I cannot and I will not
deny it. This week we met with a less active family that we had never
seen before. They invited us in and right as we sat down we were
hammered with the most anti-mormon literature and doctrine that I had
ever heard in my life. My companion was so mad that he was almost
brought to tears but all I could feel was sadness. I looked upon these
choice sons and daughter of God and saw in them their own destruction
and fall because of their pride. I was in no way shaken nor confounded
but I felt a sadness I had never before felt in my life. It has been a
hard week but this new week is full of promise and joy. I love you
Love your son,
Elder Caleb Coon

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  1. Hi,
    I am Sarah and I am engaged to a man from Botswana. His family would like to learn about the Church. I would like to contact Elder coon's mission president.
    If you have his e-mail or if Elder Coon could give you his e-mail and then relay it to me at we would be very grateful to you.
    Thank you,