Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All in All, Life is Good

Things have been going very well for us in Randburg this week. We have
had a lot to do and have found our new love for baking cookies and
sweets for members and our investigators so they love us even more. I
continue to lose weight though and I am happy for that :) Alright now
for the big news of the week and mom you are not gonna like this. I
have made the resolution to get a motorcycle when I get home. My
companion and the members have finally convinced me. But all in all
life is good. The work keeps progressing and we find the time to have
a little fun as well.
So before you put down my idea of getting a motorcycle please hear me
out. BYU Idaho would be the perfect place for one and I would save so
much in gas. But if you are absolutely against me getting one I will
not. In a sense would like your blessing before I get one haha.
Things are going good here and we are having fun and working hard.
I love and miss you mom. Have a great time in California!!!!!!!!!!!

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