Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Have Truly Entered into the Ranks of the Lords Army

Things in South Africa are great! We are still working hard to establish the Church in Seshego and its a slow but rewarding process. We focus a lot of our time trying to find father led families. The group is in need of worthy priesthood holders in order to become a branch. The members are good, not really missionary minded but that's mostly because the are a little scared. It was a good week though. We met with two new father led families with three potential Melchizedek priesthood holders. Two of them so far are really humble and want to learn more and so when we meet with them today we will be introducing the Book of Mormon. The other one is a little more difficult. The people here in Seshego are very good about going to church, the only problem is that the preachers have taught so much false doctrine there are always barriers that we need to help them over come. The other family are newly weds and they go to the World Restoration Church and in their church the wife is a prophet so we are still helping them understand what it takes to be a prophet and things like that. It is really interesting to teach people in Africa. There is such a strong belief in their cultures and ancestors that it is scary sometimes. They have witch doctors here that are called sangomas that the ancestors (devils angels) speak through. I haven't met one before but its weird to think about sometimes. There are a lot of weird things that happen to people here because of what a strong hold the adversary has had upon the people of Africa but it is amazing to see how the power is diminished as the seeds of the Gospel begin to take root in the hearts of some. I know the power of the adversary is very real and I can see it in the lives of the people here but I know that the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ is a light that cannot be hid. As it goes forth among all nations it disperses the power of darkness. I know that each of us has this light as we have received and have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this work is true and more powerful than I have ever imagined. I have truly entered into the ranks of the Lords army to fight for the Souls of His children. I pray that we may always remember who we are and what we stand for.
I love and miss you mom and hope that you all have a great week!!!!!!!!! xoXOOOOOO
Love your son,
Elder Caleb Coon

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