Monday, November 14, 2011

My Companion and I are working hard and having fun

I read all your letters and it sounds like things are going good at home. Tell Caity that as ready as she is to leave home it is still gonna be a little shocking when she finally leaves. Also, if she goes to BYU Hawaii that I will be coming to visit her haha. Cameron mentioned in his letter that he sent you pictures so maybe you could send them to me as well. In the package your sending if you could send a family photo that would be great. I have pictures of Cameron, Chad, and Manti but none of you and the girls. Also if you could get some from dad from our fishing trip that would be great :) I have lost about 22 pounds (10kg) since I got to Seshego. We're on bikes so I'm getting into good shape again. Tell Jordyn that its ok to be afraid of boys right now, they are of no worth to her at the moment :) I'm glad Chad is doing good and that he's having fun. Its nice to have an hour to write so tell Chad, Jordyn and Caity to write me if they want.
>  Cameron and I are writing each other every week so its nice to hear from him. I lied in my last email. We ended up not going to Krugar National park but we are making plans to go there before we leave this area. Life is good here in South Africa and my Companion and I are working hard and having fun. Tell everyone at home that I love them and miss them and am working on getting some pictures sent. I love you mom and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
> Love,
> Elder Caleb Coon

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