Monday, November 7, 2011

I love this Gospel

Things here are going great! Tell Jordyn happy birthday for me and give her a big bear hug for me. That's awesome, Caity must be very proud of herself. With a score like that it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply to BYU with a score like that. That will be good for Chad to wrestle. Its a lot of fun, but it is very hard. He can do it though :) It sounds like you had an awesome lesson Sunday. Its so true that the spirit needs to be present in teaching or reading or else it has no purpose. Things in Seshego are good. I have never seen such poverty in my life. Seshego is a township which means its a third world lifestyle. Where we stay is very nice but its hard sometimes to see how some people have to live. My second day in the area for dinner we were served tripe (cow intestines) and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever had!!! But to was fun. There is a group in Seshego, we're not big enough to be a branch yet but from the looks of things that should be changing in a month or two. I love this gospel and I am so grateful to be in south Africa. We are planning a trip to Krugar national park next Monday. Its one of the largest national parks in Africa. My companion, Elder Chaka, is great! He knows his stuff and likes to have a good time. I would just send some American candy. He is also a big fan of BYU so a shirt would be cool. Before he came on mission he played Rugby for Zimbabwe. I love and miss you and  hope all is well. I'm great and loving Africa. Next week I'll send pictures :)

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