Monday, January 14, 2013


Things are going good this side. We had nine investigators at church and are teaching a
lot more people now. We have in the up wards of 20 investigators that
we are seeing and helping to progress so we are staying very busy. It
is very stressful at times seeing so many people and worrying about
them and thinking of what we can do to help them keep progressing but
a little stretching never hurt anyone :)

Thank you for talking with the admissions office. I have started
updating my application today and I just put for fall of 2013 because
there was no option for winter 2014 but I am sure they will see that I
won't be back from my mission in October. I just want to get my
application in so I can just have the assurance that I will be going

There really isn't to much to report on except i am just really
struggling with my area right now. The people are great but this is
just such a wicked place. getting stopped by drunk men all the time,
we found out that where one of our investigators live is a whore house
(he isn't), and there is just so much poverty I just get really down
sometimes to see all that is around me. Especially this last weekend
because we went to the temple and had a great uplifting experience and
then to go back to the city was really hard. I love my companion and
we have baptisms scheduled for the next three months but I am just
ready for a new area. Over all I am doing good though :) I am trying
to overcome a spiritual plateau I have seem to hit so those are always
fun to work on. I gt my package and I was very happy to get it :)
Anyway I hope that you have a great week.

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