Friday, August 30, 2013


I am now serving in the Countries capitol of Pretoria. The ward is
great! They feed us every night and there are about 5 families from
the states in our ward. They are either working for the embassy or on
contracted jobs and are in the country for a while. One of the
families hooked us up with cereal from home and said if we needed
anything from the states to let them know because they can get it
(pretty awesome). Oh and we also have one of the richest men in South
Africa in our ward. He deals with diamonds. He helps missionaries get
diamonds for cheap. What would cost the regular person $5000 he can
get for $1000 and its legal :) So if anyone wants a diamond let me
know and I can work something out if they can get me the money.
My new comp is Elder Dirkmaat from San Diego. We already knew each
other very well seeing as we lived right next to each other in
Johannesburg for six months so we get along great and have a lot of
fun. In fact we just went golfing this morning :) Two years of not
playing really shows. We just had a baptism on Sunday and have another
scheduled for Sept 22. The area has a lot of potential and Elder
Dirkmaat and I are really excited to get some work done. Five weeks is
not a lot of time but it is enough to change someones life with the
gospel :)

Things are going good right now though. I am happy and doing great. I
hope that this email find you well and happy. I love you and will talk
with ya next week :)



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