Saturday, December 1, 2012


I am glad that you liked the pictures. Sadly we did not celebrate Thanksgiving at all but that's okay because I completely forgot about it on the day of :) . Thank you for sending my supplies and a package :) I cant wait to get them and I will have to see if I can wait until Christmas to open my presents :) and you are not here to stop me haha. I will do my best to wait but I cant make any promises :) I also have some news for you. Due to the younger ages in which missionaries can now go on mission the mtc's are now shortening the time that they have to spend in the mtc so they can have more missionaries go through. This means that the next two transfers will only be 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks and that means that everyone who is on mission right now will be coming home two weeks earlier so I will be back Oct 3 and not Oct 17.
Things are going good right now. We are still looking for people to teach but it is hard. Johannesburg is getting ready for its mass exodus that occurs during the holidays. The two wards will even be combining for about a month because so many people will be gone. Other than that though there really isn't to much going on here. We have our mission tour tomorrow and the Area President will be addressing us. He will be also be giving a special leadership training so I am excited for that. I am doing good and I am happy :) The holidays are not affecting me to much and I am excited to spend my Christmas here in the city :) Know that I love and miss you.
Love your son,

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